B2B sales report

The GST B2B sales report feature in billing software streamlines business operations by providing comprehensive insights into the business-to-business transactions under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) framework. This powerful tool enables businesses to generate detailed reports that showcase their B2B sales activities, ensuring seamless compliance with tax regulations. With this feature, users can effortlessly track sales transactions, analyze customer behavior, and gain valuable data-driven insights to make informed decisions. It simplifies the process of managing GST-compliant invoices, tax calculations, and financial records, allowing businesses to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity.

  • Open logicview erp application
  • Log into the application
  • Open the company
  • Click on reports menu
  • Move on gstr1 sub menu
  • Click on sales of taxable persons (b2b)
  • Select date range ex: quarterly or monthly
  • Click on view
logigview erp billing software b2b sales report image