How to create sales voucher?

To initiate the creation of a Sales Voucher, start by accessing your accounting software or manual ledger. First and foremost, input the current date, invoice number, and customer details. Then, specify the products or services sold, including their respective quantities, unit prices, and total amounts. Afterward, calculate the subtotal and incorporate any applicable taxes and discounts. Guaranteeing precision in all calculations is of utmost importance. Furthermore, accuracy is crucial not only for reliable results but also for maintaining the integrity of the data. In addition, precise calculations form the foundation for informed decision-making. Therefore, attention to detail is essential to ensure that all figures and computations are correct.Additionally, accurate calculations are vital for financial transparency and credibility. In essence, meticulousness in calculations is indispensable in various contexts, from scientific research to financial analysis.

Additionally, include payment details such as the mode of payment (cash, credit card, etc.) and relevant reference numbers. Lastly, meticulously review all the provided information to identify and rectify any errors. Finally, save or print the voucher for your records.
Sales vouchers play a pivotal role in the realm of crucial documentation. They meticulously capture transactions, facilitating precise financial tracking while ensuring strict adherence to accounting standards.

  • Open logicview erp application
  • Log into the application
  • Open the company
  • Click on sales menu
  • Click on sales voucher option
  • Select account name
  • Select  item name
  • Enter quantity and rate
  • Click on add
  • Click on next (after adding all items follow next steps)
  • Click on save print
  • Click on yes